Axtrom is a worldwide producer of high quality electronic products such as RAMs, SSDs and Mobile Accessories. Specifically, Axtrom is well-versed in producing Grade A and Grade B semi-conductor pallets that are compatible with different smart and electronic computer devices of renown multinational brands. The iconic name and coloring of AXTROM is recognizable from any angle. Coatings used on the AXTROM accessories are vibrant material that will have an extra long life comparing to other brands. Therefore, Axtrom intends to become a well-known and quality brand in the production and supply of computer parts and mobile peripherals in order to supply the basic commodities, meet market demand, create a complete product basket with high performance products at reasonable prices with the best possible after sales services all over UAE.


Axtrom endeavors to increase its presence in the daily lives of its customers by creating a friendly, long-lasting and valuable relationship. We do this by utilizing an organization of professional, capable and customer-oriented manpower that take advantage of advanced quality control processes and tools.

  • Maximum Features at the Best Price

We always endeavor to provide the maximum number of possible features for our consumers at a reasonable price, which is compatible with the economic conditions and the situation of the consumer market.

  • Innovation in Simplicity

Our products are designed and manufactured for the modern lifestyle. These products take advantage of bleeding-edge technologies and innovations alongside simplicity to create delightful experiences in the daily lives of our users.

  • Sustainable Quality

Providing sustainable quality and performance during the product lifetime is the most important goal of Axtrom products. Therefore, by following this goal, Axtrom creates products that provide a sustainable and stable quality and performance that do not decrease or diminish during their lifetimes.

  • First Level Production

We always try to use the best methods of product testing and product quality control. For this purpose, Axtrom implements the newest equipment and software in the field of quality control to ensure the persistence of all previously mentioned goals.